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Ceiling cornices

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Ceiling cornices

Currently, the relevant topic is the installation of forged cornices. At the same time, round ceiling cornices are produced mainly by one -row. This option allows you to decorate this room with standard non -heavy tulle. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the fact that aluminum cornices can withstand greater weight compared to wooden.

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If you plunge a little into history, you can notice that the origins of the emergence of cornices have come from more than one century ago. Of course, at first, a round long stick was used as a cornice, which, respectively, hung a curtain. A little later, people stopped throwing the fabric through the stick, namely, they began to pour the edge of the fabric and pass it through forged metal rods. It was at this time that many began to use various elements for decorating the end of the cornice directly. Now a modern cornice is not just technical, since it primarily carries an important task in decorating the room. Designers, in turn, are sure that properly filed curtains can visually increase the space in the room. In addition, trend cornices for curtains will become a special application to each interior.


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