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Miami beaches: advantages, features and choice

by marusia

The beaches of Miami are one of the most popular resorts in the world. A long strip of beautiful sandy shore along the Atlantic coast stretches from South Beach to Sunny Isles for more than 20 kilometers, so don’t worry, there are enough beaches for everyone!

Americans, Canadians, Europeans come here, and Miami is also very popular among Russian tourists. But which Miami beach is better to choose?

We have personally visited many Miami beaches, and we can say that for the most part they are quite clean, with pleasant sand and clear water. True, there are much more people there than on the beaches of the Maldives that we love so much, and there’s no escape from the waves of the ocean. However, everything has its pros and cons. So, compared to the crowded beaches in Honolulu in Hawaii, a beach holiday in Miami seemed more pleasant and peaceful to us.

Our favorite beach is Crandon Park Beach, which is located on the separate island of Key Biscayne. Only it has all the attributes for the best holiday: clean sand, palm trees, gentle entry into the water, as well as a small lagoon and a beautiful sand spit, like at the most expensive beach resorts in the world. You can stay in comfortable Beach Haus apartments (3 nights cost only $500) or in the best 5-star hotel – The Ritz-Carlton.


The most popular beach in Miami is, of course, South Beach, which we definitely recommend to everyone because of its indescribable atmosphere, which is definitely worth experiencing. This is the most fun and laid-back beach in Miami, best suited for young people. Along the promenade Ocean Drive there are many cafes and restaurants, as well as nightclubs, where you can spend time no less interesting than in Las Vegas.

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