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Honda Civic part 1

by miamigardens

For eight generations, Honda Civic has been pleasing its fans with high reliability and excellent running qualities. It is for this that we love her. The car in Europe was offered as a 3- and 5-door hatchbacks and sedan. There was also a “charged” version of the tour. Officially in Russia all options were sold, except for three -door. The most popular engine on Civic was a 1.8 liter gasoline volume (140 liters. With.). With other power units, the car in Russia was not sold. The base gearbox was a 6-speed manual transmission, and a 5-band machine for a sedan and a robotic “mechanics” for a hatchback were offered to order. There are more sedans in our market than hatchbacks. In Russia, the most solid body type is considered to be a modification with a separate trunk. Meanwhile, a five -door is endowed with a truly space design that is not outdated even after six years of production. By the standards of the golf – the class of the car is very spacious. There are enough space in front even for people of tall, and thanks to the flat floor of the floor tunnel as such, no, on the back sofa, three passengers can feel comfortable. The interior of Honda Civic, in its creativity, practically repeats external design, and ergonomics as a whole is good, despite the futurism of the salon. However, how to explain the fact that the trunk opens with a lever in the cabin or key … The quality of finishing materials is not the highest, but the performance is neat. Russian dealers sold Honda Civic in a rather generous equipment. So, in the basic configuration of Comfort there were four airbags, air conditioning, ABS, CD magnet, electric windows and heated mirrors with heating. And the richer version of Executive has already included six airbags, climate- and cruise control, stabilization system, CD-chainer and alloy wheels. On the "secondary" there are even more "charged" specimens with a machine gun, xenon headlights. You are interested in affordable prices? Details on the site: VAG-STO

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