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Reinforced concrete and paving slabs as building material

by miamigardens

Paving stoves exactly, like reinforced concrete, began to be more actively used in the construction sector since the beginning of the XIX in. And this is not surprising, since such a rapid growth and popularization at one time preceded a huge number of different factors. Among the most important factors today can be safely attributed: rapid growth of industry, development of transport, and, of course, the construction of various structures (factories, factories, port structures, bridges, etc. P.).

In the 80-90s, the same century, in addition to large-scale construction projects, reinforced concrete and paving slabs in particular, begin to be considered as a separate type of building material. So, global theoretical and experimental studies begin to be carried out, which lasted over a sufficiently long period of time.

As a result, all the positive aspects and predominant qualities of this material were identified, after which the large -scale use of reinforced concrete and concrete structures began in the process of building various structures, railways, ports and other objects. This time took the period of the 1917 revolution, and went down in history as a certain scale of the state industrialization.

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