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Premium class refrigerators and freezers

by miamigardens

Innovative refrigerator technology, presented in this section, demonstrates the perfection of design and advanced technologies. We bring to your attention the best European brands: Miele, FHIABA, GAGGENAU-premium refrigeration systems.

Separate refrigerators will successfully complement both the classic interior and the innovative design of the kitchen in the spirit of high-tech or minimalism. Any functional combinations are possible: refrigerator + freezer, only a freezer, a refrigerator without a freezer compartment. But that’s not all. Certain series of equipment (for example, Miele freezer) are able to work both for cooling and freezing – it is enough to select the desired regime on the control panel.

They are truly convenient, but at the same time, large Side By Side refrigerators with swing doors and many useful options for comfortable use of equipment are exquisite: completely retractable shelves, effective lighting, a device for supplying ice and cold water.

Italian refrigerators of the Stand Plus series from FHIABA, impeccably stylish and high -functional, original decoration of the interior. Glass doors at home refrigerators are no longer a fantasy, but reality. For Fhiaba refrigerated wine cabinets, a special three -layer bronze glass is used, which protects the wine from sunlight and temperature changes, saving their delicate taste and aroma.


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