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The development of the metropolis

by miamigardens

High -rise buildings, as modern trends in construction.

Construction is an integral part of our lives, both thousands of years ago and today. Over time, the technique of erecting buildings is getting better and better. At the moment, we are at the top of perfection, since the variety of architectural styles has reached its climax.

A metropolis is a collection of high -rise buildings that are either residential houses or office centers. The development of the metropolis is determined by the number of heights in it. Since Moscow is a world -famous metropolis, a plan for building skyscrapers, in which in a few years everyone will be able to buy or sell an apartment, is gaining momentum.

Back in 1999, the Moscow authorities adopted a new promising program “New Ring of Moscow”, which talked about the construction of 60 skyscrapers until 2015. However, at the moment, such an amount for the metropolis is becoming irrelevant and the question is raised about its increase to 130-160 high-rise buildings.


The most sensational project is "Big City". He will stretch from the Moscow River to the Zvenigorod and Khoroshevsky highway. Its total area is 17.65 million. sq. m. 8.74 million comes to residential premises. sq. m., for office – 7.83 million. sq. m, 0.88 million are allocated to communal. sq. m.

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