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Choose foam blocks

by miamigardens

Penoblock – very easy and convenient material for the construction of the walls of both residential buildings and extensions of the economic plan. This is environmentally friendly material with a long service life. The density of foam blocks is close to the tree, but they do not burn, perfectly protect against noise and save heat. From foam blocks you can build both external walls and internal.

Penoblock is a mixture of sand, foam -conterators and a cementing solution, foamed under a high temperature and therefore capable of “breathing”, has low thermal conductivity and very light, which reduces both the cost of transportation and the trauma of masonry. Well, since the foam discovery itself is more than a brick, the construction is more accelerated pace.

Of course, not all manufacturers produce high -quality foam blocks, so the wrong choice of foam blocks can lead to the fact that the house will begin to collapse after 5 years.

First of all, pay attention to the price – if it is too low compared to foam blocks of other manufacturers, then not high -quality materials are used.


The color of the foam block should be gray or grayish-white, but not pure white. This will mean that too much lime was added to the foam block during production, which is easily destroyed from the rain and temperature extremes.

The surface of the foam block should be even, perfectly even!

Be sure to check the foam block for strength – just break the small piece and try to grind with your hands. If it crumbles, then this is definitely not your foam block! Too much water was added here, or too few cementing elements.

Do not forget to examine the chip of a piece of foam block, where the porous structure should be visible, the bubbles should be an ideal spherical shape and are separated from each other, they should not merge and move from one to another.

A piece of foam block should not sink in the water, and if the foam blocks are smeared in oil, then the plaster will not fall on them.

Well, of course, no cracks, otherwise then you will have to spend more than once on wall repair.

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