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How to breed water based paint?

by miamigardens

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The use of water -based paint in various finishing works gives rise to a lot of questions. First of all, this concerns its preparation for the application. To understand how to breed water -based paint, you need to carefully read the simple instructions and act clearly on it.

Attention: Today, water -based paint is the most environmentally friendly material used in the repair of different levels. That is why such paints are most popular.

What you need to have at hand?


If the paint is bought, you need a few more things:





Construction mixer.

Need: purchase only high -quality finishing material

The most famous today are paints made on the basis of glue (PVA), called polyvinyl acetate. They are very durable and allow you to choose any color. Water -based paints can be applied both indoors and outside.

The second line is occupied by silicate paints. But they are used if the water -repellent effect is not required.

Modern innovation – silicone water -based paints. In principle, they are no different from the first species, but are considered more universal.

Acryl is famous for its strength and at the same time elasticity. That is why it is used in the manufacture of paintwork. But pay attention: the cost of such colors is much higher than the rest. All this is explained by quality.

It is necessary to dilute it with water, since its paint contains. In some cases, drinking.

Detailed instructions for breeding paint:

Prepare a clean bucket and a construction mixer

Pour paint from a can to a bucket (be careful)

Add water; Do not forget to act actively to get the paint of the desired consistency. To do this, use a construction mixer

If you need a certain shade, pour a little paint and use the color to give color. Stiring well, add to the main paint to the bucket.

Apply paint in several layers.

Tip: apply each subsequent layer of paint after drying the previous.

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