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Grow a melon through seedlings

by miamigardens

The melons that were planted in the ground very often grow tasteless and small, due to poor weather conditions, and sometimes they do not even have time to mature. If you have encountered such a situation, we offer a way to grow through seedlings.

In April, you should start sowing seeds, in plastic containers of 3 silt 4 seeds (you can use buckets of mayonnaise in the place), mix the soil from the garden with humus and fill the container. You can use large containers so that when you transplant not harm to delicate roots.

For sowing seeds, choose larger and more than 3-4 years, since, from these seeds the melon will bear fruit abundantly.

When already planted, put the containers in warm and with good lighting, and in a month you will see the first sprouts. In each container, leave a couple of strong plants. Watering should be moderate. You will be interested in automatic watering systems Chernivtsi.


When you see that there will be 3-4 leaflets on the seedlings, pinch the tops. Thanks to this, the plant will begin to grow well, fruits will form on the hinges, it will branch. Place the seedlings from each other at a distance of 1-1.3 meters. When you already plant organic fertilizers to each hole, for example (it compares or manure).

how they put them melon, it will be necessary to mulch dry grass. In order to avoid the consequences in the spring frozion, it is better to put the arcs of wire above each plant, and cover with a film.

Then everything will depend on how you will water (the melons do not like abundant watering) and in mid -August you will receive a collection of fragrant berries, sweet and juicy taste.

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