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Which car to buy? Part 1

by miamigardens

Almost every person at a certain moment of life thinks about buying a car or changing it to a newer and more convenient. It can be a promotion, birth of children or buying a summer residence. Undoubtedly, the choice of a car is a deeply personal matter, and depends on many circumstances and capabilities: the thickness of the wallet, their own preferences, the recommendations of friends, the quality of roads at the place of residence, the prices in the region. Despite this, you can give general recommendations that will help in choosing a car. Particularly the issue of purchasing a car is asked people who have just completed car courses. I don’t want to buy an expensive car, because, of course, it gets down for the first time behind the wheel of an expensive car, it is scary. If you answer the question: which car to choose – domestic or foreign, you need to know who will ride it. Many Russians drive cars of the Russian automotive industry on personal beliefs. They may well understand that a foreign brand is better, but they continue to drive on Russian cars, explaining that ours seem to be dearer, the repair is easier, and for the price of a foreigner you can quite afford the brand new domestic. The Russian car undoubtedly has its advantages: service, repair and spare parts are relatively inexpensive, and such a car can be repaired almost everywhere. There are also many minuses: more than enough is said about the strength, comfort and safety of Russian vehicles. But as your first car, you can buy a domestic machine. Foreign cars also have many advantages and disadvantages: expensive spare parts that need to be ordered, since there are usually only consumables in stock. In order to drive away the car for repairs, you need to know exactly what exactly is broken, and whether they will deceive in the workshop (reviews of friends, city rating), otherwise a simple repair can result in a round amount. One advantage, but very capacious – foreign cars are made for people! You can find out the opinion of a lawyer about on the site: kasko-vse

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