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EVERYTHING LENTERS design features installation use

by miamigardens

During the repair work, as well as in the design of the window opening, the question often arises – what type of blinds to use for this purpose. One of the popular options is the installation of a modern system, which was specially designed specifically for installation on plastic windows. One of these systems is modern plastic blinds that have a number of advantages over similar products.

The greatest difference that the outbursts of isolaite possess is that long and tall, but at the same time, a rather narrow cornice is placed inside the double -glazed window. The fasteners are hidden from the gaze with plastic plugs located on the side of the double -glazed window. The control system, consisting of cables, is located on the sides of the cornice, and passes at the very bottom of the window. It is thanks to this that the window can be opened, and the blinds will be reliably located next to the double -glazed window. This will increase the useful area on the windowsill, and will make it possible to use it for other elements of the decor of your room. Also, the protective blinds will perfectly shade your room from bright sunlight.

The control system for the blinds is hidden. Depending on the level of the illumination of the room, you can both lower them or raise them, and change the angle of inclination of the lamps, and all this is all with the help of one control cable, which makes control the entire structure is much easier. It is possible to order the manufacture of individual parts of various colors and arrange them in such a way that they contrast with each other. This will allow you to realize your most incredible ideas in the design of the room. The company produces blinds on plastic windows of a wide variety of colors. By a separate wish, you can order a photo stern for yourself, which are blinds to which the image of the image from the slide or photographs to the lamps was carried out.

An important advantage of using blinds of this type is that you can observe what is happening outside the window, while hiding from extraneous views. This type of blinds is ideal for installation on windows and light openings. Since they are attached along the entire length, this allows you to install them on windows with any angle of inclination, be it 30, or 55 degrees. The Czech engineers from the ISOTRA S company developed. R.O. It was they who brought to the world market these blinds unique in their design. These blinds, in turn, deservedly won their world fame and popularity due to their reliability and simplicity.


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