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Bookmark of the foundation

by miamigardens

The construction of any building, whether it is a house or a bathhouse, always originates from the construction of the foundation. The support point on which the whole building is held and is subjected to load is called the foundation. The better the foundation will be built, the longer the building will last.

One of the most common foundations is strip. Firstly, the costs of building materials are small, and in – secondly, special efforts should not be attached.

Previously, before building the foundation, you need to mark. Only after that they begin to dig a trench under the foundation. The depth of the trench will depend not only on the number of floors, but also on the material of the walls and on the type of soil.

You can build a foundation basis in several ways:


1. Using reinforced concrete foundation blocks. The foundation of such material is quickly built and does not require cement concrete. But it requires a special technique for laying it, as it has a fairly large weight. And at a price they are quite expensive.

2. The formwork is installed from the cutting board and filled with a solution, which consists of sand, cement and gravel. You can take the formwork for rent Arendaopalubka. .

The width of the foundation will depend on the thickness of the walls. And if the walls are elevated from the beam (section 15 by 15 cm) and a brick cladding is provided, then the scale will be as follows: the width of the walls together with the brick will be 30cm and 10cm is given to the supports for the lag. Therefore, the total width of the foundation will be all 40cm.

To save on the solution, you can fill with stones the distance that passes between the formwork. But be sure to make sure that the stones do not lie down too close to the boards. A solution for filling can be ordered with concrete or prepared it yourself using a concrete mixer. Typically, concrete solution is prepared from cement and sand-gravel mixture in a ratio of 1: 3 (one part is cement, and the remaining three parts of the PGS).

3. Another way to build a foundation is to resort to masonry. For this we will need stones that are like a rectangular form. According to the characteristic features, masonry made of stone is very similar to a brick. As in brickwork, the linking of the joints is required. Necessarily, the outside of the masonry is equal to the plane, which is not required by the inner side. Cement such a foundation with a solution of cement connected to sand 1: 4. The width of such a masonry, it turns out, is from 40 to 60 cm.

One of the cheapest strip foundations is considered from masonry, but it takes much more time. And you can’t do without certain experience. But in the end it turns out a beautiful and neat masonry that does not require additional cladding.

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