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The main types of fireplaces

by miamigardens

Recently, fireplaces and barbecue are gaining more and more popularity, for this no one private house or country cottage does not do without them today. Thanks to the fireplace, you can warm up with cloudy autumn evening, fry kebabs, or just spend a romantic evening by the fire. With him in your house there will never be damp, in addition, it will allow you to quickly heat the room.

The fireplace is the main decoration of the interior, even making a completely empty room a hospitable and cozy. There is a huge variety of various modifications of fireplaces, but all of them have about the same design consisting of a combustion chamber and a smoke -voltage system.

What the design of the chimney depends on what

The chimney is the main element of the fireplace, on which its effectiveness depends. It must ensure the correct traction, which consists in the constant influx of fresh air necessary to maintain the combustion process. The main parameters of the smoke channel is its length and cross -sectional area. In order to ensure normal traction, the length of the chimney should be at least four meters. The cross -sectional area depends on the volume of the fireplace and should provide a sufficient amount of oxygen. The channel is too narrow will not be able to guarantee the flow of the required amount of fresh air, and the traction is too wide, so its diameter is selected individually in each case. It is very important that the channel area is the same along the entire length, while the fewer turns and corners, the better the craving. The area of ​​the mouth of the canal (the place where it is connected to the combustion chamber) in no case should be less than its cross section.


Materials for the manufacture of chimney

The smoke -voltage system can be made of metal, brick or ceramics. The choice of a particular material depends on the power of the furnace, as well as on the type of fuel. The ceramic chimney is universality and is perfect for both wood and coal fireplaces. Its service life is more than 30 years. The only drawback is too high price. Metal pipe is the simplest and most practical solution for wood fireplace. It costs inexpensively, is very simply mounted and serves at least 10 years. The cheapest and most durable is a brick chimney. Its service life may exceed 60 years, however, in order to ensure the correct geometry and tightness of the channel, extensive experience and certain skills are required. When choosing a material, it is best to contact employees of the Kaminov Center, who have extensive experience and will be able to advise you on any issues.

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