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Wiring in polymer pipes

by miamigardens

This article describes a rather unusual but often used method of laying electric wires, cables and communication lines using polymer pipes. You will find out in which case this technology is used, and for what purposes.

To date, there are a huge number of methods and standards for the installation of communication lines, wiring lines and other cable tracks. During this kind of work, plastic and metal boxes, prepared trenches and ditches for laying wiring are used. However, quite often mounting brigades resort to the use of polymer pipes as a guide trunk of a future electric route. What are the advantages of this method? Let’s figure it out together.

• Most often, this installation method is used in laying industrial lines or large scale. In this case, polymer pipes are the protection of the line cables from mechanical damage, as well as isolating material, which allows you to protect the electrical wires and devices of Hager from the undesirable effects of the environment. This method is used for underground laying lines. The diameter of polymer pipes depends on the number of lines, however, quite rarely exceeds 100 mm. This installation method has acquired great popularity among Internet service providers to access the world network, as well as to electrify small industrial enterprises. Polymer pipes in layout with Legrand electrical equipment allow for the maximum safety and durability of the life of the communication line.

• Sometimes polymer pipes are used to electrify private estates and houses. The goals of this method coincide with the above when working with industrial enterprises, however, the scale is more modest. In this case, the most common diameter of the pipes used is 50 mm. To ensure reliable operation of the premises, electrical appliances are often used (electric machines, switch sockets, etc. D.).


• Another advantage of installation of electrolyte using polymer pipes is the simplicity of replacement, failed, cable sites. That is why experts recommend installing lines not a continuous route, but broken into certain functional sections.

According to professional installers, the method of laying electric wires in polyethylene pipes is quite practical and often applicable. However, there are more suitable methods for aboveground installation, and pipes are used quite rarely.

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