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Earnings with Yandex Direct

by miamigardens

Each user who has his own Internet resource does not matter the blog or the site wants him to bring him income. Of course, this is quite real, especially if the attendance of the resource is very high. There are a lot of ways to earn a lot of money on your own resource, but in this article all types will not be described only about one thing, earnings with contextual advertising Yandex Direct. Creation of Internet sites for the Direct is not simple.

How to start earn with Yandex? First, you need a high-quality site for a blog. High -quality this means that it must be on a paid hosting and have unique content. Secondly, the attendance of the resource should exceed 300 visitors per day, not every resource can boast of this, but there is nothing to do, the rules are rules. It is also necessary that at the time of registration the resource existed on the Internet for at least a month. If there is something wrong, less attendance or there is a requested content, registration will be denied. The next application can be submitted only in a month.

So, let’s move on to the registration itself. In order to receive money, to use technical support, you need to choose a suitable Yandex partners service center, the COP has been reduced. You can learn about how to choose the right partner from many numerical articles that can be found on the network by recruiting the corresponding request. We move on to registration, it is not complicated, it is necessary to fill out all the data and add the resource, it is added to the menu, sites. After adding, you need to wait until it is checked, it takes some time. As soon as the resource undergoes an electronic check, a letter comes the mail.

After the check, you need to get the advertising block code. How to do it? You need to go to the site menu and under the name of the site, under the one that has passed the moderation to press the word, code. Further following the instructions you need to generate the code, copy it and insert it into the right place on the site. Before inserting the code, you must carefully familiarize yourself with the rules of the system about the placement of advertising blocks, this is necessary so that there are no errors in placement, because if the placed advertising unit does not comply with the rules, then it simply will not show on the resource.


In this type of earnings, the most important thing is a good visit, the more it is, the many chances of advertising transitions. It is why it is necessary to constantly promote the resource, add interesting and unique articles. If the user seriously decides to earn in this way, and will devote a sufficient amount of time to this type of earnings, then everything will fail.

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