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How to insulate the loggia

by miamigardens

To start insulation of the loggia, wait for the warm season, because it is at this time that it is best to conduct exterior decoration. You understand – weather conditions allow.

If there are no skills in this matter, then do not do insulation on your own, invite the master, so you will get a quality work, and keep your calmness. However, you will have to pay a certain amount of money, but if you, nevertheless, understand what is at stake, then by taking a couple of tips you can insulate the loggia yourself. Recently, water purification systems have been often used, water purification, water treatment is carried out daily.

The reinforced concrete parapet of the loggia does not require additional work, but if its basis is from iron rods, then the parapet is strengthened. To strengthen the parapet, you can lay a ceramic tile 10 cm wide, this width will be enough.

Now about the materials. The best option here will be the use of ordinary PVC profiles, they have a good heating saving indicator. Included with windows, order expansion profiles that are installed in the lateral parts of the frames and in the upper part, that is, where the insulation material will be adjacent.


When glazing is performed, you need to fill the seams between the parapet, floor and walls, for which mastic or sealant will be needed. After that, the seams are filled with mounting foam. High -quality thermal insulation provides for insulation of walls, floor, ceiling and parapet. As materials for thermal insulation, you can use polystyrene or polystyrene foam.

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