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When can I start interior finishing of wooden walls?

by marusia

Alas, immediately after the construction of a wooden house you cannot proceed to finishing work. A newly built house must be given time to shrink.

The duration of this process depends on many factors. If the house is built from laminated veneer lumber, then you can start finishing the walls in 3-4 weeks, but owners of all other types of wooden houses will have to wait at least 10 months, and a year for a guarantee. The shrinkage time depends not only on the material used in construction, but also on the climatic conditions in the region and the initial moisture content of the raw materials.

During shrinkage, active drying of the wood occurs, it decreases in size, and the insulation used is crushed under the weight of the logs and beams. It’s easy to imagine what will happen if you start finishing the walls during this period – the facing material will either fall off or become warped. In any case, after a few months everything will have to be redone, and this again means money and effort, so it is better to wait until the main shrinkage processes take place. But you won’t be bored with nothing to do, since it is at this time that it is necessary to ensure the tightness of all joints, which is achieved through proper caulking.

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