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Little kitchen furniture

by miamigardens

Unlike the West, in our country, the main place is the kitchen in the house. It simultaneously embodies not only a room for cooking, but also a meeting place with friends, celebrations of various celebrations. But often the kitchen is a small room in which you are unlikely to be a large company.

On the other hand, depends on how to approach the solution of this problem. First of all, it is necessary to understand that the arrangements of kitchen furniture plays an important role. The design of a small kitchen is mainly built on the angular layout method. This method suggests that furniture will stand along adjacent walls. This will allow you to place a folding table here, the free wall can be occupied with a bar counter with a folding countertop.

Another way to arrange furniture is in one line. That is, a table, a sink, a slab and other items are built in one line. Both layout methods contribute to the more efficient use of the area of ​​the room.

If in the spacious cuisines of modern houses you can neglect some centimeters, then in a small room each piece of space should be involved. For example, with the help of folding furniture, you can save a lot of useful area. These are objects with folding elements that, if necessary, can be hidden.


It is also worth paying attention to such furniture as a wardrobe. It always contains much more all kinds of kitchen instruments than in hinged cabinets and table boxes. In this case, such a cabinet can be small in height, which will allow you to use it as a desktop.

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