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Mirror ceilings

by miamigardens

The use of mirror ceilings visually increase the area of ​​the room. This is a very original and unusual way of finishing the ceiling. The simplest way of mirror finishes is the use of a rack suspension ceiling. This product is not terrible rust, since the rails are made of aluminum. It is easy to install and easily wash.

Reiki with the desired dimensions are stamped from a continuous aluminum tape. As a rule, the length of the rail is from 3 to 4 meters. The rigidity of the product depends on its thickness. And here Moiterem. Before repair, many read useful information.

There are three types of ceilings on sale: open, closed and with inserts.

In a closed form of the ceiling, the slats are attached like a wooden lining through a joining. With open form, the gaps are left between the rails. Use this type with high ceilings, which ensures subtle gaps. A similar collection system has a ceiling with inserts, but the gaps between the rails are closed using special inserts. Thanks to this, the ceiling looks even, having no recesses and hollows.


The greatest preference is given to ceilings with traditional white color. But if the customer desired, the Reiki can be painted in any other color. It all depends on the taste of the customer.

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