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How to glue wallpaper on drywall?

by miamigardens

You have repairs, the walls are already sewn with drywall and there is very little left until its end? Popular and simple material in the work during wall decoration are wallpaper. Now in construction stores manufacturers are represented by a large number of them, capable of satisfying even the most sophisticated buyer.

So, we consider their main types: vinyl, paper, fabric, non -woven, bamboo and glass wallpaper. Any for pasting walls made of drywall are suitable. The simplest and most popular are still paper wallpaper. Having booked the hotels of St. Petersburg at the metro stations, you will probably get into the room finished by them.

First, drywall must be darkened. It is necessary to high -quality seams between the sheets of drywall and the holes from the self -tapping screws. All walls should be thoroughly darkened, then the next time the repair, the wallpaper will be easier to leave. When the walls dry out, they should be wiped with a special sheet of sandpaper. After that, it is necessary to primer the walls and leave them until completely dry. The primer is necessary in order to improve the adhesion between the surface of the walls and the wallpaper.

It should be noted that putty drywall is much easier than brick or concrete walls, since its surface is initially even and smooth, which cannot be said about the load -bearing walls and partitions of many apartments and houses.


Now you can start directly to gluing wallpaper on drywall. This process is not very different from pasting any other surface. The main thing here is to choose the desired glue. When choosing wallpaper in the store, check with the sellers what glue should be purchased for them.

When choosing wallpaper, do not worry about the fact that you can’t cope with the gluing. The main thing is to follow the instructions written on the roll itself. Wallpaper without a pattern or plain glue is quite simple. Wallpaper with drawings and ornaments is a little more difficult to glue – it is necessary to carefully ensure that the picture converges. However, in any case, there is nothing complicated in this.

If you are still not sure that you yourself can cope with this or you simply do not have time, then you can contact specialists, as Baumanskaya hotels do when planned repairs. You should choose a company with work experience and good reviews. The team of experienced craftsmen and good quality materials is a guarantee of quick repair and a beautiful interior in your house.

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