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Preparing for staining walls

by miamigardens

Wallpaper gradually lose their indispensability. Their place in wall decoration is occupied by paint. And this is not surprising. The whole point is that the colors have many advantages that cannot give wallpaper. They wash, have a all kinds of colors of flowers, and the ability to repaint in a new tone when a desire arises. There is also a plus of simple application to the walls. But even in such a simple work there are the basics of training and for the fact that your repair looked perfectly worth considering these basics.

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The first point in preparation for staining walls should be the removal of the old layer. All wallpaper that were previously pasted, it must be removed that there were no residues left. If the walls were used to be painted, then you need to go out the paint. After the wall is prepared, it must be primed. The essence of this material is that to increase the clutch and remove all kinds of dust and dirt. Then a layer of plaster is applied to the already primed wall. This stage must be done very responsibly. The fact is that the plaster is applied in order to fix the irregularities. And since the paint greatly gives out the flaws of the walls, all the irregularities must be completely removed. Then the net is applied and covered with finish putty on top. And the last stages will be grinding walls, and the primer of the walls from dust and dirt. And now, having passed this path, you can start painting.

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