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All secrets of the Infinity Q50

by miamigardens

Finally, you can completely open all the cards of the new Infinityq50. The car will be released in 2014, but his presentation was in Detroit this 2013.

First of all, car dimensions are: 4783 mm length, 1824 mm width, height is 2850 mm, and the clearance or road clearance is 150 mm. If we talk about the wheeled base, then it has the same size as the height, namely 2850 mm. You can also find out how to arrange a banquet on the Banket website

The new Q50 has standard wheels in the size of 225 \ 55 R17, but if desired, for not a small surcharge, you can replace seventeen -inch wheels with 245 \ 45 R19 wheels.

Everyone knows that this car is built on the G37 platform, and that is why it has many of the same functions as its predecessor. The most interesting is the confinityq50 car engines.


The weakest engine will be produced for the European market, its gasoline base is a 2.2 -liter engine that produces a power of 170 liters.With. Its acceleration to a hundred is 9 seconds.

The second most powerful is a gasoline engine with a volume of 3.7 liters, its power is 328 liters.With.

And the most powerful motor is made on a hybrid power plant, and a gasoline engine with a volume of 3.5 liters. Its power is 363 liters.With.

The sports view of the car emphasizes a large hood, with additional waves that are located at the edges of the hood. Beautiful body kit, and aerodynamic bumper in all respects exceed the G37. The car got a really beautiful view. The back also has two exhaust pipes on the sides. And a small streamlined spoiler for the larger aerodynamics of the car.

As it turned out, the company itself is satisfied with such a car. Q50 shows wonderful indicators on the track. Sports settings have powerful characteristics and steering, so the car will emphasize the Infinity brand, and will make another breakthrough.

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