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Monolithic construction

by miamigardens

Urban construction is often associated using concrete, which is delicate for the construction of multi -storey buildings and infrastructure facilities.

Among concrete technologies, brick – monolithic technologies are more often used

Using this technology, it is now possible to build any type of construction. At the first stage of construction, special forms are created, it should repeat the precisely constructive element of the building-colonies, walls, etc. P. The shape is enhanced in the inside with reinforcement, and poured with concrete, when the concrete hardens, the formwork is disassembled and moved to another floor. This technology is usually popular for the construction of the external walls of the room. Formwork systems are made of metal (special steel, aluminum), are easily mounted and dismantled.

It is also possible for these purposes to use wood. It is much cheaper than metal, but also has significant disadvantages. Quickly becomes unusable through the effect of moisture and must be replaced.


Internally the walls are erected from gas blocks or bricks with an inexpensive facing. The most important feature of monolithic technologies in construction is efficiency and a relatively fast building of buildings.

Over time, monolithic construction technologies will be used more and more often when building country houses.

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