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Repair in the living room yourself

by miamigardens

The living room is intended not only for all family members, but also for many guests. In any room, the repair begins with the windows. It is best to replace wooden windows with metal -plastic ones, because the latter is much cheaper.

To repair the ceiling, you need to remove the whitewashing with a brush and water. After that, all cracks are stitched. Then the plucked places must be cleaned, painted. To finish work, you need to paint the inexpensive stretch ceiling twice.

You can make a plasterboard ceiling: the speed of installation of such a ceiling is relative, the practicality of use is evident. As an option, a multi -level ceiling in its qualities is also not bad. Thus, the living room will have the opportunity to install a unique lighting system, where the lamps are located at different angles.

When decorating walls, you can use wallpaper, Venetian plaster, decorative coating. First you need to remove the outdated coating and level the surface. Surfacing is possible by putty or drywall. A new finish coating can be applied to the prepared surface.


The floor also needs to be repaired. On top of the concrete screed, you can install parquet, laminate or parquet board.

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