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Drinkpure Quick Water filter

by miamigardens

People in developed countries gain access to clean water on demand and do not think about it. In Russia, we can drink bottled water, put water filters like waterfields (Aquaphorfiltersdirect-Flow-Systems) on our kitchens, boil water and so on. In poor countries, the tap water, which we disdain to drink without filtering, is considered clean, because many people do not even have it at their disposal. The privilege of drinking clean water is the luxury for which a person in Africa fights and many other points of the world. But you do not need to think that it will not touch you. As a continuation of climate change and the spread of pollution, water lack of water will be the result for 50% of the planet’s population, and many regions of Europe and North America will suffer. If we do not stop taking off waste to the lakes, this is waiting for Russia.

But the team of Swiss students of the Technical University is aimed at combating the upcoming problem (maybe it is time for a Russian scientist to think about the environment and problems of ecology, as you think?). Young engineers from Switzerland came up with a Drinkpure reusable filter, which can be mounted on any standard water bottle. All that needs to be done is to fill the container with contaminated water, twist Drinkpure on the neck and squeeze the bottle. And cheers! – Pure drinking water is available to you.

Drinkpure provides three -stage filtration. Water passes through a preliminary cleaning filter where plant substances are removed, and then through a coal filter that eliminates the liquid from chemical impurities and smells, as well as heavy metals. At the third stage, water crosses the polymer membrane, which filters bacteria. By the way, the last filter was developed by students themselves, and the primary cleaning filter and a coal filter are taken from the basic foundations of any home filtration system.

The working prototype is already ready, but students are still looking for sponsors to develop a project through the Indigicle of the Kraidfanding Service. You can help projects for bonuses here: Indiegogoprojectsdrinkpure-a-novel-water-freetration-device, but in fact, the startup has already gained the necessary amount of mass production and even delivery of Drinkpure to the houses of African families that need clean drinking water. Work will begin when the term of the current company on Indigopa ends.


The main goal of the DrinkPure project is to provide clean water with those who need it, but the team also notes the usefulness of the product for tourists and lovers of outdoor activities.  If you want to get a similar product, you need to pay $ 89 now and become one of the first to receive it at their disposal.

The group adds that the long -term goal of Drinkpure is to create local production of water filters in poor regions. This will not only give people clean water and create jobs, but also provide countries with independence from charitable organizations. This is an ambitious idea, but given the incredible interest in the project on Indigo, the guys can succeed in implementing it.

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