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ITS against theft and thefts of cars

by miamigardens

Cars in the capital still remain a scourge for car owners and a headache for law enforcement. However, in the near future, the intellectual transport system, which is now unfolded in the capital, can be a serious police help.

We have already reported in the news that according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2017, 2100 car thefts (+20% for 2016 indicators) and more than 10,800 thefts were registered in Moscow (+8% by 2016).

One of the ways to solve the problem is, in the opinion of the authorities, the use of the intellectual transport system. With the help of ITS, which is a complex of automated systems, you can completely track the flows of transport of all types. According to Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, it may well be used to fight theft and thefts of vehicles.

For a more effective struggle with hijackers together with the navigation system, a satellite protective system is installed in the car. It is connected by a centralized remote control and allow you to track the locations of the machine, regardless of whether it is in the city or beyond. In case of theft, accident or harm to the transport, the system will give an alarm signal. It instantly duplicates in all emergency services, which allows you to prevent illegal actions in relation to the car, as well as promptly provide assistance to the victims in the event of an accident.


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