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Mirrors in the interior

by miamigardens

Mirrors have their own unique, special power over every person. Someone is scared, looking at them, someone admires, but we are united by one desire-the desire to look in the mirror, at least several times a day.

It is completely natural that mirrors play a significant role in the interior of the house. In order to correctly arrange the living space around you with the help of mirrors, and do not feel like the main character of the horror film, follow the simple recommendations: by the way, freight lifts are very popular to find out more about them will not be superfluous.

– Do not use too many mirrors. For one large room, one large mirror hanging on the wall is enough, and one additional, smaller;

– Do not put the mirrors opposite each other. This is really dangerous;


– Do not put the mirrors opposite the doors. This rule applies to any doors, not only entrance to the house, but also interior;

– If the house has small children, then do not hang the mirror close to the crib. To begin with, the child can simply accidentally break him and cut;

– Do not hang a massive mirror in a thick and heavy frame on a small clove;

– If you have low ceilings in your house, do not use too large mirrors. Visually, they will reduce the living space even more.

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