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How to glue a bumper?

by miamigardens

Bumper on foreign cars, mainly made of cold molding plastic. If you hit the bumper and cracks and chips formed on it, you can glue it modern with adhesive composition. In automobile stores, glue of various manufacturers is sold, a high -quality product will provide fast and reliable gluing of plastic parts.

Glue for bumper is high molecular weight chemical compounds, when mixing which shelling occurs followed by complete polymerization. There are several varieties of glue, some grasp very quickly, for 5 minutes, others harden for a long time. Often, the greater the time of solidification, the better its strength at the load. Choose at your discretion, the most suitable option for you.

Bumper gluing is not a simple thing. It requires certain skills and knowledge of features and subtleties. The first stage is preparatory. The bumper needs to be thoroughly washed and cleaned of dirt, dust and various stains.

After it has dried up, the glued surfaces are cleaned. It is made by an abrasive tool in the form of the letter V. After such processing, the glue will be better. The processed surfaces must be degreased. The place of fault is sealed from the inside, so that the glue does not leak on the outer surface, it is sealed with foil and a special mesh is laid. The net gives the connection of greater strength and holds the form.


Putty, primer and paint the bumper only after the glue is completely dry. It is best to do this not on the same day when the composition was applied, but the next.

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