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Repair of the parquet floor

by miamigardens

Before proceeding with the repair of the parquet floor, it is necessary to clean it from various coatings that were applied during operation. To do this, use the cycle, which of course has a high cost. However, this procedure is mandatory, as it helps to assess the state of the flooring and decide on the implementation of further work.

After you have been thoroughly cleaning the floor of dirt and old varnish, you can start work on its putty. To perform such work, special parquet putty is used, thanks to which high quality and durability are ensured. After repairing the floor, you can decorate the interior, for this you should visit the interior of the curtains and select new curtains there.

By replacing the parquet varnish, you can change its color. To do this, you can use stains or tinting varnishes. In this case, you can choose a varnish with a glossy or matte coating. The drawing and texture of the surface of the tree remains the same.

To protect the parquet, it is necessary to use mastic or oil with wax. At the same time, it is not necessary to constantly cycle the floor and again cover the parquet with varnish. However, 2 times a week will still have to cover the floor with oil or mastic, and wash the floors once every six months.


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