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Bathroom repair

by miamigardens

What you need to know about the repair of the bathroom.

As you know, repair is a troublesome and costly matter. And for the repair of the bathroom you need a special approach, taking into account the characteristics of the room. But if desired, this difficult work can be done without resorting to the services of specialists. First, imagine what your updated bathroom should become, and then think about whether you can independently realize your idea. Calculate all expenses and evaluate your strengths – they should be enough so that the repair does not stretch for years. If you have patience and are not afraid of the upcoming work, arrange a couple of advice and go to the store for tools and building materials!

Before you start repairs in the bathroom, take some kind of its features:

– Air humidity in the bathroom is high, so you should choose materials that are not amenable to the destructive effect of dampness;


– As a rule, the size of the bathroom is very modest, but you can visually increase the room if you arrange it in light colors;

– It is in the bathroom that the most frequent falls and injuries are, so do not buy a smooth coating, the floor should not be slippery.

Start repair with surfaces cleansing, remove the tiles and old paint from the floor, walls and ceiling.

Next, take care of the floor repair. The optimal flooring in the bathroom is tile. If you have chosen it, then act in stages. First of all, the surface should be leveled, it should be smooth. After that, apply the waterproofing layer, and then a protective screed. Now you can start laying tiles.

Having finished the flooring, take care of plaster and alignment of walls and ceiling. Stretch ceilings are highly resistant to the action of high temperatures and moisture, so they are ideal for the bathroom.

For wall cladding, the same tile is best suited. This facing material is most optimal for rooms with high humidity. Under the influence of water, the tile is not deformed and does not lose its shine. Walls lined with tiles are easily washed.

Ceramic tiles are also popular, but its laying requires special zeal. The process is a little more complicated, and if it is violated, over time the tile begins to fall off.

The next stage is the ceiling finish. The stretch ceiling will hide all the nervousness. If you refused the stretch ceiling, just cover the prepared surface with waterproof paint.

These simple recommendations are given taking into account the features of the bathroom. Take them into service if you plan to repair the bathroom on your own.

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