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Which is better to choose a diet for yourself?

by miamigardens

Alas, diets are usually more in demand, which guarantee a minimum of discomfort and a very quick effect. But such a result is very unstable. Therefore quickly losing extra kilo, we also easily get them back. The result of a quick diet is a decrease in metabolism, a person after the end of the diet gains weight much faster than this happened before the diet.

According to experts, the correct diet with a positive effect is required:

– include physical activity;

– include control of the number of servings;


– permit various products from different food groups;

– turn on small snacks;

– lead to gradual, not rapid weight loss;

– allow the use of small portions of the desired dishes;

– include a large amount of water in the diet;

– Do not count on food supplements;

– The effectiveness of the diet should already be proved by someone in practice.

If you want to opt for a certain diet, try to answer the following questions, then everything will immediately become clear to you whether this diet is suitable for you or not.

How combines the chosen diet with your food style and lifestyle? In other words, can you fit it under your schedule, whether it will require a certain preparation, whether you can observe the number of meals strictly defined by a diet?

For example, you manage to eat only twice within a day, and the diet says that you need to eat six times. In the situation, you are unlikely to be able to observe such a diet. Look for that program of weight loss that does not contradict your preferences in food.

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