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Screw piles how to make installation?

by miamigardens

One of the most crucial stages of construction is the laying of the foundation. The future fate of the structure depends on how correctly its type is chosen. The largest difficulty is the foundation device on complex soils, since the costs of funds and time for the implementation of the project are significantly increased. And the spiral piles can be the only way out.

Installation process

The required number of piles is determined by the size of the building. And the length of the pillars depends on the depth of the stable layer of the soil. After everything you need is purchased, proceed to installation. For this, the selected area is marked, evenly distributing the piles.

Twist them with a special rod, constantly checking the vertical of the installation. At the next stage, using a laser level, it is necessary to achieve the leveling of piles to one level. To protect against corrosion, the ground segment must be treated with a special composition.


The main advantages

Despite the fact that this type of foundation appeared relatively recently, it spread widely during the construction of industrial and residential facilities. Among the main advantages of this technology, one can distinguish:

simplicity of installation work;

the possibility of independent installation;

the ability to immediately move on to the next stage of construction;

the durability of the foundation;

relative cheapness;

The use of special equipment is not required;

It should be noted another important area of ​​use of screw piles – the replacement of the foundation. In cases where for one reason or another it is required to bring a new base under the house, the installation of a pile foundation may be the only way out of the situation. No wonder today at many forums the question is asked about how much the foundation costs. Replacing the base will cost cheaper than the possible consequences of ignoring the problem.

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