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The youth style of the interior

by miamigardens

The dwelling of a young man has the right to be peculiar and not like a children’s room or the premises where his parents live. For people whose age is limited by very conditional age frames from 16 to 25, the dwelling should be a certain autonomous space. After all, it is unlikely that anyone will argue with that simple thought that everything around has its significance for the personality at the stage of formation. And what surrounds the young man, largely determines the features of his character and what will grow out of it in the future. To a certain extent and fate. So there is simply no little things here and cannot be.

Budgets of such projects can be relatively modest. The creation of the habitat for the younger generation, this is the interesting case when elite interiors are completely not required. You can easily do without them, there are more relevant things. And the most relevant here is the rational organization of living space. Everything should be in the maximum degree functionally. The main principle is as much spaciousness as possible and an unexplored volume. Only all the most necessary, everything is superfluous – away, from here, for storage of extraneous trash there is a basement, attic and pantry.

Despite the relative modesty of the budget, many architectural bureaus of Moscow for the development of youth interiors take care. There are unconditional good luck in this area and there are not so few of them. Because a respecting designer, there is very much where to turn around. Such interiors allow the most unexpected plastic solutions and compositions. From high-tech to classicism inclusive. And the materials here can be used by the most, which is different, if only the environmental parameters are consistent with.

One of the main principles of building a youth interior is a clear zoning of living space for functional purpose. The dwelling of a young man must include individual zones intended for relaxation and work. The residential unit, as usual, consists of a berth with wardrobes with wardrobes. And the central compositional element of the working area, of course, is a working computer table with all accessories, cabins for equipment, bookshelves and racks. And all these elements do not have to be standard. They can be done so that they will acquire the features of exclusivity.


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