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The pilot killed his mother and crippled the child

by miamigardens

On the morning of the fourth day of this month, about 50 kilometers of Ryazan-Rizhsk auto community, the VAZ 2112 driver-a 42-year-old man for overtaking KamAZ drove to the oncoming lane and was unable to break through with the Lifan Breeze car driving which was a 54-year-old resident of Moscow.

As a result of the collision, the driver of a foreign car, his girl-passenger, as well as two VAZ passengers- a 19-year-old girl and a 77-year-old woman with injuries are hospitalized by an ambulance. Some time later, the elderly woman – the mother of the driver of the "Twelfth" died. The driver of the vase received relatively frivolous injuries and did not need hospitalization. According to his comments, the nearby headlight of the headlights was not included in the oncoming car, and therefore he could not notice it. Road police officers suggest that light may and was turned on, but the headlights could be polluted and the driver could not notice it.

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