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How to evaluate the cost of building a house declared by workers

by miamigardens

A lot of factors always affect the final cost of a construction product. Moreover, most of them play clearly not in favor of the developer. Given the fact that the federal pricing center in construction will soon be reformed, we can talk about reducing administrative barriers during the construction of the facility. Often there is a need to evaluate the declared value of the house in order to calculate possible costs and adequately look at your own financial position before starting work. And here an indispensable assistant will become a document like an estimate.

What should be taken into account when compiling an estimate at home?

The more expanded the compiled estimate, the more accurately the total amount will be. In this case, you can count on the fact that the deviation from the calculated cost does not exceed 2%. To choose a more professional construction organization or brigade, you only need to compare the detailed estimates provided by them. Usually between the accuracy of the calculations and the timing of construction there is a direct relationship. You should also know:

If you take actual expenses as the basis of the estimate, then you can very simply calculate the justice of the cost of workers on specific construction operations.


The construction estimate is very dependent on the market value of building materials and the services of the builders, although the deviations still do not standardly exceed a mark of 10%.

Such a document will reduce the cost of transporting building materials.

The estimate itself is usually designed in the Excel software complex. This allows you to get the most accurate calculations, and when changing the source data, to adjust the total amount of planned costs for the construction of the house as soon as possible.

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