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This is primarily an organization

by miamigardens

What people who are far from construction do not understand? What difficulties can arise when using rented equipment? Is it difficult to organize the process correctly?

The view from the outside is often errone!

When passers -by passing by the building under construction, I glance at the workers scurrying around the site, they do not even imagine the variety of tasks that the owners of the construction site have to solve. Because in the eyes of a person uninitiated in the organization of construction there is nothing complicated. There is a project, there is a list of works, there is an estimate. What to wise? Take it and the system ..

However, only those who did not build anything in their lives think so. Because construction equipment also needs construction equipment, sometimes complex and expensive. Buying it for one construction site is stupid. Therefore, the way out is the rental of construction equipment. And this, solving one problem, almost always gives rise to a new one ..


Difficulties in rent.

After all, the technique is rented for some fixed time. Moreover, the borders of the lease "from and to" are clearly determined. Consequently, the operations that this technique must perform should also be organized so that they can be started and finished at the established time. And given the variety of processes that occur almost simultaneously on the construction site, this requires a fairly high level of organization. And even if everything is correctly organized, there are still no guarantees that some circumstances will not violate all plans.

Conclusion – you can’t do without renting equipment, but this does not solve all problems ..

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