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How to choose the right interior door

by miamigardens

We rarely replace the doors in our apartment, so you can not treat the choice frivolously. After all, they are most often striking. Remember that any door should look good and also made of excellent material.

Also, before buying a door leaf, you need to do the following:

-Assess the degree of evenness of the canvas, that is, its surface. Also check if there are scratches, chips or cracks.

-Then look at the hastily coated product with varnish. Interior doors are a frequent object of spaces with varnish, as it is a very expensive material. To check the quality, you can curtain a coin from the edge of the canvas. If defects are not formed, then such a door can be safely taken (if it is also suitable for other parameters), otherwise you can conclude that the manufacturer has saved on its products.


-At the next stage, check the color. If throughout the canvas it is homogeneous, then this product is certainly of good quality. However, there are situations when the color is the same everywhere, but it is incomprehensible in color. In this case, it is undesirable to take such a door, since the manufacturer simply hid all production defects under such a paint.

-Check all the places where the main details are attached-in a good door they are not visible.

-When choosing an interior door, do not forget to measure the opposite edges, you need the difference practically absent.

-If you decide to choose a door inside which the glass is inserted, then look so that it is produced in Italy or Belgium. Otherwise, the glass will not look good.

-Now compare the color of the door leaf with the color of the box. There should be no discrepancies, otherwise you will ruin the appearance of your apartment.

If the product has passed all these tests, then you can buy it, since you know that it will look very good. Of course, when you go to choose a door leaf for the first time, it will be very difficult for you. However, if you follow these tips, you can install a truly gorgeous door at home.

Remember that rarely good interior doors are inexpensive and this is a fact. And it is better to choose a foreign manufacturer (Italy or Germany), as Russian companies very often save in production, which makes their products poor -quality.

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