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The main characteristics of Lada Priora

by miamigardens

Lada Priora (VAZ 2170) The sedan stood on the conveyor since March 2007, and Lada Priora (VAZ 2172) Hatchback has been released since February 2008. The appearance of the car should not be described, since these models are full on the streets of any city, it is better to pay attention to the technical characteristics.

The parts of the body, which are most exposed to corrosion (body floor, wheel arches, thresholds) are made of steel, which has a double -sided hot -cycle coating, is also used in production and low alloy steel. According to the manufacturer, the primer, metallized enamel and high-quality “iron” provide body protection for six years from through rust.

The hood, the roof and lid of the vehicle’s trunk (it will not be superfluous to treat the internal surfaces of the trunk and hood) are the least protected.

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