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Adjust the handle of the PVC window

by miamigardens

With prolonged operation of the window from the PVC profile, the pen failure is often failing. If you are problematic to call a master from the company closest to you, then you can adjust the work of the window handle yourself. If you need to replace the handle on the window, then this can be done as follows. You need to turn the panel located at the base of the handle in a horizontal position. Now you need to unscrew the screws located under it. Make the replacements of the handle, fixing it with screws and turn the panel again in an upright position.

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Installation of the ventilation regulator also requires the opening of the panel at the base of the handle, the installation of the regulator itself at the base of the handle and then you need to turn the panel in a vertical position. When the process of opening and closing the window sash often occurs, the handle located in the lower position is blocked. In this situation, there is no way to close the window sash. The reason for this phenomenon is the operation of the installed knob lock, which prevents spontaneous closing of the window. To resume the handle, it is necessary to press a thin plate with a spring to the seal in the blocking device and turn the window handle. During this work, the window sash must be installed in a vertical position.

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