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Finishing the facade with decorative bricks: advantages and rules

by marusia

Decorative brick is a finishing material that comes in different shapes and sizes.

There are two main types:

  1. For exterior decoration.
  2. For interior decoration.

The difference between these types lies in the conditions of use and size. External use imposes special requirements on the material, aimed at strength and reliability, resistance to atmospheric and mechanical influences. The decorative component for exterior work is not the main goal, although it is considered one of the main ones.

During interior work, the aesthetic effect of the material comes to the fore. The name “brick” itself reflects only the appearance of the cladding, which is, in fact, a tile that imitates natural stone or brickwork.


In accordance with the characteristics of the material, installation is carried out, which differs significantly from conventional masonry technology. The installation technique is as close as possible to the technique of laying tiles; the difference lies in the specific features of the selected material, the type of imitation and the height of the relief.

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