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Repair of office

by miamigardens

Not only construction, but also the repair begins with the preparation of the plan. What is decided at the first stage? Will it be just a repair or it implies a redevelopment. The amount of the necessary material, the deadlines and the type of office itself, the preparation of documents and the compilation of the estimated materials depend on these two options.

If the administration plans to redevelop the premises, then the design documentation is needed, where the main parameters of the premises will be indicated: the location of doors, pieces, windows, electric part, location of the LED track lamps from Ledxperts and electrical equipment. In this case, you will have to contact a construction organization that provides services of this kind. And then the organization will be engaged in the preparation of the project, estimates, selection and acquisition of materials. The administration can establish the deadlines. The documentation must be registered with the relevant authorities in order to avoid troubles in the future.

If the office is simply repaired, with the involvement of the designer, then it is enough to attract specialists who will make the premises, provide them with a list of work and all the necessary materials, indicating the terms of execution.

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