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Production of concrete rings video

by miamigardens

Concrete rings are produced in accordance with GOST 8020-90 standards and are used for wells, septic tanks and sewers. The production of concrete rings occurs most often at specialized factories, since making rings with your own hands is not economical and difficult.


So that the rings are strong and high -quality, reinforced concrete is used with the addition of reinforcing bars. To do this, only heavy concrete of class B15-30 is used, while its water resistance should not be less than W4, and the characteristic of frost resistance is not less than F100.

In production, the rigidity and strength of concrete rings should be taken into account, their durability and the quality of the fittings used. Products should be sealed and responding to environmental standards, because they are used mainly for water.


The brand KS, CCD, KC, KCP are placed in each product during production, and after it the numbers are written that indicate the diameter, height or mass of the concrete ring, if necessary.

The production technology of all concrete or reinforced concrete rings consists of three stages:

1. The form is installed on a flat surface, the reinforcement is laid in it and the solution is filled up. The mixture is added as the solution seals by the vibrator, which is the first time on 2-3 minutes.

2. At the end of the full working cycle, the form is removed manually or using a lifting mechanism.

3. Next, the product should gain strength. The time of this process will depend on the temperature in the workshop, if it is about 20 degrees, then two days will be enough, then the ring can be rearranged and wait for the vacation strength, which should be at least 70%. This indicator is achieved in about 7 days.

The initial materials are Portland cement M400-500DO, crushed stone of non-fire solid rocks and fractions up to 10 mm and sand. In the manufacture of products in the workshop, there should be a temperature of at least 5º C and not more than 50 ºС.

Let’s watch the video to clearly represent the process of production of concrete rings.

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