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Air humidity in the apartment

by miamigardens

With the onset of the heating season, many families begin to acutely arise the problem of air humidity in the premises of their apartment. Insufficient humidity is as harmful as its oversupply. And when heating radiators are launched and, moreover, the street stands below zero on the street, the humidity drops much lower than comfortable conditions. Unless of course air conditioners or at least air humidifiers are not installed in your apartment. Let’s figure out what humidity should be in our apartments for a comfortable residence.

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For a person, humidity, from forty to sixty percent, is the most optimal. If the humidity rises more than eighty percent, then it becomes difficult to breathe, and if it drops below thirty percent, then the mucous membranes begin to dry and people begin to feel dry in the nose and become more prone to respiratory diseases.

But too high or too low humidity in the apartment is harmful not only to people or animals. Moisture differences can lead to scattering furniture, wooden floor, parquet or floorboard. With strong differences, problems with normal opening of interior doors may begin. High humidity in the bathroom can lead to mold formation on wall surfaces.


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