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Waterproofing of the foundation of a wooden house

by miamigardens

How important is the waterproofing of the foundation? Any builder knows that humidity negatively affects wood, since it contributes to the development of bacteria that destroy the tree. Ultimately, this can lead to a deterioration in the quality of the entire structure. Also, humidity itself can very poorly affect the health of people in the house.

Sometimes you can see a crack on the outside of the house along the entire wall. The reason for this may be poor -quality waterproofing of the foundation of the house. Therefore, when choosing a place for building a house, you need to study the soil. The foundation can give an uneven shrink under the influence of humidity, which will cause unpleasant further consequences. Any house begins with the foundation, the design and construction of houses order here.

There are two types of waterproofing: antifiltration and anti -corrosion. Basically, anti -corrosion isolation is used. Antifiltration waterproofing is used much less often. In cases where the aggressiveness of moisture is greatly increased.

Anti -corrosion waterproofing can be of several types: painting, glow, impregnated, filled, plastered. Waterproofing should protect the foundation in both the horizontal and vertical direction. For horizontal waterproofing, various plastering compositions or any insulating material can be used. With vertical waterproofing of the foundation, impregnation and paint materials will be used. Well -chosen waterproofing of the foundation will be the basis for building a high -quality and reliable house.


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