Home Construction How to attach the veranda to the finished house

How to attach the veranda to the finished house

by miamigardens

Many people who have a home or cottage think about how to make a verand. These people can be understood, because in the summer you really want to sit in nature by drinking a cup of tea or admire the sunset. However, experts say that there are certain subtleties and rules for the arrangement of the veranda to the existing house. Before construction, it is necessary to obtain permission from state bodies.

The main complexity of construction is to make the foundation monolithic. Of course, people who built the house several years ago will be difficult to fill the foundation neatly, however, this must be done so that the veranda does not deform even after the winter.

As a rule, most home owners use a columnar foundation. If you live in the area with swampy soils, then the foundation is best done using a cement mortar. Moreover, he should fit the foundation as much as possible to the whole house.

It is also necessary to choose material for construction. Experts say that the easiest way is to cook the frame of the veranda made of metal, which can then be sheathed with lining or plastic. If you want to save as much as possible, then for lining the frame you can use a regular plywood. Its weight is small enough, so the load on the foundation will be minimal.


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