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How to clean the bathroom from mold?

by miamigardens

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The bathroom, designed for hygienic care, should delight with cleanliness and pleasant aroma.

Unfortunately, microscopic spores of mold, sooner or later begin to multiply into such a favorable humid environment for them, turn a cozy room into a real nursery of fungal deposits.

How to clean the bathroom from mold and forget about this problem for a long time the following step -by -step instructions:


Take advantage of antiseptic agents. As a rule, they are sold in specialized construction stores, but sometimes they come across on the shelves of ordinary supermarkets in the household chemical department. It should be borne in mind that before applying such a tool to the affected areas, it is necessary to carefully clean them. Sometimes it is fraught with overhaul. If the fungus managed to penetrate deep into the wall, you may have to remove the upper layer of the finish. The purified areas are sprayed with an antiseptic, after which you can return the usual look – plaster, paint, whiten or lay out the tile.

Control the level of humidity. Supply taps, as well as the toilet, often cause the appearance of harmful black spots, therefore it is important to timely carry out repair work related to the elimination of the leak. If everything is in order with them, and the humidity is still increased, it makes sense to check the isolation of the pipes, since its violation often leads to excessive condensation formation.

To establish ventilation of the room. The best solution will be to clean and disinfect the ventilation shaft, installation of an exhaust fan and equip the doors leading to the bathroom with the corresponding holes.


When carrying out the application of antiseptic drugs, it is necessary to observe safety measures: put on a respiratory mask and gloves, as well as avoid too long stay in the room that is processed.


Popular folk remedies, such as copper sulfate, chlorine, concentrated solution of laundry soap, vinegar or baking soda can help in the fight against mold. But without observing the above points, their action will be short -lived, and can lead to the annoying fungus will begin its victorious procession throughout the apartment.

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