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Pouring reinforced concrete walls of the basement

by miamigardens

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The tape foundation with the basement is the often practiced type of the base of the house, which is cheaper in cost than the construction of a monolithic slab.

In this case, the strip foundation is simultaneously a basement. To do this, ditches of 1.5-2 meters long and 40-60 cm wide are diverse. The sole of the strip base is laid 20 cm. From the mark of the freezing of the soil. On sandy and dry soils, the foundation is installed at least 50 cm. From the ground level. Sand pillow located under the strip base occupies approximately ½ of the foundation height and does not exceed 60 cm.

With reinforced concrete basement, formwork is created and the reinforcement is installed inside it. This procedure enhances the astringent properties of concrete. Typically, concrete hardens for about a month, depending on the season.


If there is no formwork in the project, then subsequently the base is laid out by blocks or brick.

Further, the reinforcement is laid in the trench and poured with concrete and drainage work is carried out.

After the concrete hardening, the basement is overlapped.

The next stage is the excavation of the soil from the inside to the floor level. At the walls of the edge under the wall (up to ½ of their thickness). The floor is covered with a mixture of sand and crushed stone, reinforced and cast by concrete. The gender of the basement is ready!

This method is quite economical. It should also be noted that it can be carried out independently without a team of workers, with the exception of the process of digging a trench, reinforcement and its filling.

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