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Advantages of using granite for construction and tips

by marusia

In construction, granite is used for cladding the external and internal walls of houses, floors, stairs and fireplaces. In addition, countertops, tables and other products are made from this material. It goes well with glass, wood, and metal.

When using granite for cladding the bases of houses, the foundation will be provided with additional protection from mechanical and chemical influences, in addition, its thermal insulation will increase. This natural material will not only protect the base from humidity and temperature changes, but will also make the building look more presentable. When decorating a room with granite from the inside, it is worth paying attention to each element separately.

Granite floors will look great in the living room, kitchen and bathroom. Floor cladding using this natural stone has many advantages, some of which are short completion times and low cost.

Granite walls will be an ideal solution for the kitchen, because they are not afraid of splashes of grease, drops of juice and other contaminants. In addition, using slabs of this stone of two colors, you can create a simple design.


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