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Finishing with panels

by miamigardens

For finishing home walls, PVC panels should be used, which are very resistant to a humid environment. The choice of panels is very high, such panels differ in all characteristics. The so -called lining is panels that are made only up to 110 mm wide from plastic. This wolf is cleaned without much difficulty. PVC data installation resembles the installation of a hypnocortone. But PVC has an advantage that they are much easier than gypsosocoroton and it is easier to mount them, which one person can cope with. Solar water heaters are now gaining great popularity.

To install just such panels, otherwise PVC will be required:

1. Shock mechanism.

2. Blackwoman on the battery.


3. Roulette or a similar tool.

4. A staircase or something like that you could stand to get to the ceiling.

5. Installation knife.

6. Builder level and corner plumb line.

7. The mechanisms on which the panel itself will be fixed can be used from siding frames.

8. Saw or jigsaw with small teeth.

For the convenience of cutting panels, we advise you to use a jigsaw that can easily cope with its task. It is also worth it to carefully treat the panel, so as not to scratch it and not damage the painting. Successful repairs.

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