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Loft style beginning

by miamigardens

Loft Style is one of the modern and popular areas of design. The name came from the United States, where "Loft" means "attic". So called the upper floors of warehouses and shops initially. The loft -style interior appeared when converting large utility and attic premises, as well as former production facilities into apartments. Space and open layout, use in the design of brick, natural wood, steel and glass, an abundance of air-these are the principles that determine the loft style. However, to arrange their housing in accordance with the most fashionable design trends, many people want. Hence the concept of a loft apartment arises when any housing is designed for "specific attic".

Description of the article:

Loft style in this version is determined by the combination of modern materials, for example, steel and glass with open old or artificially aged brickwork, old floor boards, open ceilings. Using individual elements of the loft, you can create a stylish loft interior in almost any living room. Designers recommend connecting the old and new. For example, against the background of a white or naked brick wall, place the item of ultramoded or antique furniture. Gdown-do not forget, the basis of the loft-style-after all, the creation of a feeling of spaciousness.

Elements of Loft Style


The main elements of the loft-style include the following: white painted walls, nonstuded brick masonry, concrete or plastered “under concrete” walls; The floor from old fed boards, which, if desired, can be covered with light, not hiding wood structure, varnish; The widespread use of glass blocks, both for internal partitions and instead of windows for natural daylight. Household appliances are the most modern. Furniture – light wood using metal next to ancient or ethnic objects. A large number of seats, sofas, different shapes and large sizes.

Choosing furniture on wheels

Furniture on wheels is recommended, for the convenience of rearrangements. Racks and open hinged shelves, as well as bilateral racks used as partitions. Loft-style allows you to show the individuality when designing.

The choice of colors-from the brightest to smoky-pronounced. The main thing is not to forget that the loft does not accept consistency in the interior. His harmony is in contrasts. Dazzling white ceilings add light and spaciousness to the rooms. Windows and skirting boards are preferable from natural wood, or painted in white matte to merge with the walls.

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